Successful multi-channel marketing starts with a content-driven marketing platform

Enable your marketing team to drive better results from your content, across all channels.

Content Planning

Content Creation

Content Sourcing

Content Publishing

Content Distribution

Content Measurement

Drive better results from your marketing content

Running a content-driven marketing strategy on a global scale can be complicated – siloed departments, multiple team workstreams, and multi-channel distribution with no clear path to success. Cognitives Marketing Cloud eases the pain by streamlining the entire content process, through planning, creation, distribution, and measurement.

Plan your entire strategy

Manage workflows, teams, and your marketing calendar. Run all of your content workflows and approvals from one place, increase team coordination and simplify work allocation, providing a birds-eye view of your entire marketing strategy.

Create compelling content

Exceptional content is core to driving a successful content strategy. Accelerate the creation, editing and publishing of top-tier content effortlessly. Collaborate seamlessly with your entire content production team, across brands, channels and regions – all within a single platform.

Source premium content

Access to premium content, right at your fingertips. Source, aggregate and curate top-tier content to enhance your brand story and deliver content at scale. Pull in user-generated content instantly, from all leading social networks – or invite customers to collaborate directly in platform.

Publish amazing content experiences

With our custom CMS launching landing pages, microsites and content hubs is easy. Streamline campaign management with templated content-rich landing pages. Build effective and engaging content hubs without the heavy price tag, building a strong media channel under your brand.

Distribute content everywhere

Distribute your content to multiple destinations in an instant. Push your content out to multiple social channels, campaign sites or external websites from a single location. Easily schedule your content distribution for optimal audience engagement.

Understand content performance

Successful marketing with content requires a complete understanding of content performance. Cognitives Marketing Cloud’s intelligent analytics provides you with the information you need to optimise your marketing strategy – enabling your marketing team to focus on what works.

& Security

Protect your brand. Ensure your content and data is secure with our enterprise-grade user permissions structure and advanced login protocols. Our centralised content asset management enables you to enforce brand guidelines throughout the entire content cycle.

Marketing teams need to execute rapidly and collaborate across multiple business silos whilst delivering an integrated content experience across all marketing channels. The content driving this marketing needs to be organised and managed effectively. The Cognitives Marketing Cloud was designed to meet this exact need for brands. 

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