The Cognitives Premier Partner Program. 

The Cognitives Premier Partner program helps consultants, agencies, developers, and technology companies grow their business and unlock greater value for their customers.

White-Labelled Platform

Premier Partners are granted the ability to white-label the Cognitives platform under their own brand, enabling partners to position their brand as a market leader in the marketing content technology space for their customers.

Solve Customer Pain

While your customers invest 60% of their marketing budget into content production, for the majority of brands only 50% of that content gets utilised.

Content operations is an emerging pain point for customers, as a Premier Partner you have access to technology that can solve that exact pain for your customers – enabling them to get a better ROI from their content investment.

Recurring Subscription Revenue

The power of SaaS technology is the ability to generate recurring subscriptions – providing a revenue stream that grows exponentially without the overhead costs needed for services.

As a Premier Partner you can start generating a recurring subscription revenue stream for your business.

“Unilever credits its systemisation of content creation and review with saving the business more than $10 million annually.”

Forrester, Earn Buy-In For Content Marketing’s Silo-Busting Benefits

Marketing teams need to execute rapidly and collaborate across multiple business silos whilst delivering an integrated content experience across all marketing channels. The content driving this marketing needs to be organised and managed effectively. The Cognitives Marketing Cloud was designed to meet this exact need for brands. 

Premier Partner Program

Don’t miss the opportunity to lead how your customers manage content.

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