Monash University

How Australia’s largest university is using content to drive thought leadership and audience engagement.


Unique social handles


Faculty content contributors


Distinct business areas

The Problem

While Monash University has a deep reservoir of expertise and a wealth of compelling content, finding a way to showcase that content to the world – across multiple faculties, business divisions and audience segments quickly becomes a challenge.

Monash need to pull all of their disparate content into a single location, where it could be quickly accessed and distributed to multiple channels, campaigns and content hubs, while maintaining rigorous quality control.

The Solution

With the Cognitives platform, Monash University chose to launch Lens – a brand new custom-built content hub that showcases the work being undertaken by their research and academic communities and the impact that work is having on a global scale.

The platform enables Monash to easily pull in content from their researcher’s external publications, as well as user-generated and brand content from their numerous social accounts.

The ability to collate, manage and distribute all of their content from a centralised location has enabled Monash to provide their audience with a window into the world of Monash University.

Belinda Hayes, Group Manager, Digital Marketing and Communications
Monash University
Cognitives has become a vital component in how we position ourselves as a thought leader. Not only has the platform transformed our way of working, now we have a growing hub of content assets that can be easily applied across all channels.

The Cognitives team has done a tremendous job, not just delivering us a powerful platform to run our entire content strategy, but consistently being there when we need them for training, implementation and support.

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