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Grow your client’s leads & customers with content.

Grow clients faster with your own white-labeled inbound content platform – and start generating recurring revenues.

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01. Your White-labelled Platform

We provide our content agency partners with a completely free, white-labelled version of the entire inbound content platform to drive the growth of your agency.

We want you to be the hero. Help your clients grow faster, driven by both your branded platform and the services you provide. Let your agency benefit from the value the platform can provide – and be free to price the platform accordingly.


02. Build an Automated Sales Funnel

Part of the Cognitives agency platform is the ability to allow prospective clients to self-onboard into your white-labelled platform – all the way from Lead to Paying Customers, with no sales calls required.

We also provide agency partners with a free branded marketing site, designed to promote the key platform benefits to your prospective clients and enable leads to sign themselves up directly into your platform.


03. Generate Recurring Revenues

The core of the Cognitives agency platform is the subscription billing engine, allowing your agency to sell the platform to your clients under your own brand, as a simple month-to-month subscription.

This allows your agency to leverage the compounding nature of recurring revenues, via a platform that ties your clients in to recognisable long term value. The added benefit of a subscription billing model – clients stay for longer and have a higher likelihood of purchasing ongoing services.

Recurring billing – or we can call it 
the 'subscription business model' is the new black of Internet marketing.
Neil Patel


How does the Pricing work?

We’ve structured our partner program so that we win when you win. We work really closely with our partners both on and off the platform, we’re here to help you every step of the way – partnering to win together. Your white-labelled platform is completely free. You can up-sell your own services and even add to the base subscription price, and we won’t take another cent. It’s that simple.


Get started with your own white-labelled inbound content platform.

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