Transform your brand into an always-on newsroom, with a wealth of high-quality and relevant content at your fingertips.

Cognitives provides your team with fresh and relevant content directly in platform, including journalist driven newswire content, trending social media content, the latest articles from industry thought leaders, and user-generated content from your loyal fans.


64% of marketers say their biggest challenge is producing enough quality content.



Source breaking news and the latest global stories, as they happen

Cognitives has partnered with AAP Newswire, Australia's national news agency, providing your team with breaking news and the latest stories directly in platform.

Publish and distribute top-quality news content  - as it happens - delivered by a national network of professional journalists and producers. Pitch-perfect and original content covering all major categories - national, world, sport, finance and entertainment.



Create compelling content that communicates your brand

Deliver engaging and authentic content that communicates your unique brand voice, delivering quality content at scale - specifically crafted for your audience.

Create custom content like daily blog posts, infographics, videos, social posts, and much more - collaborate easily across decentralised content teams, external agencies and our content freelancer network. Cognitives provides your writers with a rich content editor, complete with track changes, commenting and approvals.



Amplify your original content with trending social posts

Put the people who love your brand front and centre. Integrate social feeds directly onto your website, amplifying your original content with user-generated content - letting your fans tell your story.

Aggregate, curate and publish social content from around the globe - via trending hashtags or specific social handles. Easily moderate and filter to find the most relevant content for your audience.



Turn your customers into collaborators, let them tell your story

Empower your audience to truly collaborate with your brand story, by enabling them to create original content directly in platform.

Smart workflows provide your team with the ability to review, moderate and approve custom user-generated content before distributing and publishing across your various market and channels.


The next generation content marketing platform starts here.