Cognitives is your all-in-one solution for managing your marketing content. Aligning your marketing team to drive successful multi-channel marketing, powered by compelling content.

Easy to Use. All of the features you need to manage your marketing content in one easy-to-use platform. 

Built for Scale. Designed to grow with your brand, be it expanding your marketing team, channels or markets. 

Plug and Play. We play well with all of the other tools you use, no matter how old or complex they are.

Cloud-Based. Unlimited storage, fast response times, enterprise security and accessible from any device.

Powering Australia’s leading brands

See what you can do with Cognitives Marketing Cloud

Plan your entire strategy. Manage workflows, teams, and your marketing calendar.
Create compelling content. Original content, outsourced content, and user-generated content.
Source premium content. Access premium content to enhance your brand message.
Publish amazing content experiences. With our custom CMS, launching content sites is easy.
Distribute your content everywhere. To any external site or social network.
Measure the ROI of your efforts. Traffic, engagement and sharing. All in real-time.

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Marketing teams need to execute rapidly and collaborate across multiple business silos whilst delivering an integrated content experience across all marketing channels. The content driving this marketing needs to be organised and managed effectively. The Cognitives Marketing Cloud was designed to meet this exact need for brands. 

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