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Engage your customers in more meaningful ways.

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Publish your brand.

Publish content worth sharing

Boost your brands message with one simple-to-manage platform. Publisher gives you complete control over your content. Create amazing stories, amplify with social, and engage your customers with more meaningful content. Use one of our stunning site templates out of the box, or let us build your dream site.

Amplify with Social

Give your customers a voice. Easily aggregate content from your customers across multiple social channels. Leverage industry influencers to tell your brands story.

Access Global Content

Instantly pull in relevant content from around the globe via RSS feed, or select from a range of high quality content available in-platform via our newswire partners.

Curate your Content

Pick and choose the most relevant content for your customers. Simply moderate, filter and curate the content you want to display with easy to use moderation tools.

Elegant & Responsive

Set your brand apart. Choose from a range of stunning and fully-responsive templates ready to make your brand stand out. Or design a completely custom site, just for you.

Your all-in-one digital publishing platform.

Cognitives is a modern publishing technology stack for digital content. Create a digital publishing website for your brand, media business or organisation and start building an audience and driving leads. With deep social media integrations, workflow tools and analytics, Cognitives is your all-in-one digital publishing platform.


All of the tools, none of the fuss.

Everything from content creation and collaboration, to social aggregation and intelligent publishing tools.

The Old Way

The old way was to solve the problem by putting a publishing stack together using 3rd party applications. This resulted in a complex and expensive platform, that is time consuming to use and requires a high level of skill.


The New Way

The new way is to access all of the essential features needed to build your audience (previously only accessible as 3rd party applications) in one easy-to-use platform, with enterprise content support and services. A low cost and immediate solution, designed for anyone to use.


Publish your brand today.