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Leverage publishing - share your voice and expertise with the world.

Universities and higher education organisations have a deeper reservoir of expertise, trust and authority to tap than any other kind of organisation. An environment of scholars, trained in a tradition of making contributions to the field, combined with a publishing platform to highlight, amplify and distribute those voices - is simply a perfect alignment of forces. Publishing is about communicating thought leadership, demonstrating expertise and establishing authority. The Cognitives publishing platform enables your organisation to start publishing with ease, and is designed specifically to meet the needs of universities and education organisations just like yours.

A World of Content

Easily create, curate and distribute content from both inside and outside your organisation - from any channel, and in any medium.

Unlimited Contributors

Flexible workflows to easily manage all of your content contributors from one place - be they staff, external experts, students or journalists.

Centralised Content

Manage all of your content from a centralised hub. Simply push content out across multiple campaigns, sites and domains.

Anytime, Anywhere

Distribute fresh content with ease, across all devices, at anytime, from anywhere. Entice readers to linger, with a great content experience.



Demonstrate the depth of your expertise, showcase your best talent

A real challenge for many universities is finding a way to communicate and demonstrate the depth and breadth of expertise and talent that exists across your organisation.

The multitudes of projects being undertaken every day, delivering interesting, engaging and dynamic research need to be visible to the public - and for the public to connect with and relate to the real people behind these projects.

Cognitives gives you the platform to showcase this content - in a way that is visually appealing, highly engaging and easy for you to manage.


Entice readers to stay on your site longer, with regular fresh content

Universities can no longer publish material once a month and stay relevant - in today's content driven world you need a steady stream of fresh, quality content delivered on a daily basis.

The Cognitives platform gives you access to a wealth of content - including instant social content feeds from your staff, students and experts, to in-platform content creation tools for crafting in-depth high quality articles.

  • Pull in social content instantly from any handle of hashtag
  • Create quality content and in-depth articles in platform
  • Combine a variety of content - social, articles, images & video


“As a public-spirited institution – one that prides itself on playing a prominent role in educating future generations and finding solutions to the world’s grand challenges – it is important we share the impact and outcomes of our work with the community, locally and further afield”

Vice chancellor, Professor Glyn Davis - Melbourne University


You don't have to measure, you get to measure - in a channel that you own

Current marketing strategies for universities tend to rely on platforms you don't own and can't control - like public relations and social media. With traditional marketing you've spent the money well before you get the opportunity to see any results.

The Cognitives platform enables you to create a channel that you own, and that you have complete visibility over. With publishing your results are real-time, and having immediate access to this data enables your team to react quickly, and adjust campaigns and content accordingly to optimise your results.

  • Data insights across a channel that you own
  • Real-time content measurement and analytics at your fingertips
  • The right insights - enabling better decisions faster




Connect more deeply with your students - give them a voice

Publishing is not just a tool for showcasing your expertise, but it's also a platform through which you can build deeper connections across all of the different people connected with your organisation - from prospective, current and past students, to their parents, and to the local community.

The Cognitives platform enables you to create truly collaborative community publishing sites, where you can empower your students and the community around you - giving them a platform to voice their thoughts, opinions and insights.

As this content is created in the same centralised content hub as your core publishing ventures, your organisation then gets a wealth of valuable content that you can easily curate and distribute across any other campaign, site or domain.


Confidence that your publishing platform can grow with you

When you're looking to undertake a publishing venture, knowing that you can rely on the platforms and tools that you use every day is critical.

The Cognitives cloud-based platform is an enterprise grade publishing solution, built on the best performance architecture - designed for performance, scale and security.

And when it comes to support it's not just about the platform, our expert team is always on hand for any questions you have, small or large - and when you work with us you'll always talk to a human. Because that's the experience we'd want for ourselves.


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