Content focused analytics designed especially for content marketers, see exactly how content is performing in real-time

Get a clearer picture of your content marketing data. Instantly know how your content is performing, how to optimise for audience engagement - without interrupting your content workflow.


17% of marketers in a Demand Metric study said they have no content effectiveness measurements in place, and 49% are using only basic metrics such as clicks or downloads.



Know how your audience is connecting with your content in real-time

Cognitives content insights dashboard shows you how your audience is connecting with your content in the moment - across platforms, devices and channels.

Filter your dashboard to get audience insights by location, referral source, device, visitor type and more. Real-time data enables your team to obtain insights faster, while delivering content at scale.



Increase audience engagement based on top performing content

Focus in on the audience growth factors that really matter - see the effectiveness and performance of your content marketing, not just pageviews and unique visitors.

Segment your content data by pageviews, readers and engagement to enable your content optimisation strategy. Monitor content performance across all channels and campaigns, quickly identifying content that resonates best with your audience.



Compare your content performance in detail, by topic, source & author

Protect your content marketing spend by building upon on top-performing legacy content. With Cognitives intelligent content tracking you can quickly identify your top-performing content creators and topics.

Compare content engagement across different channels and markets to see which provides the best performance. Optimise your content marketing activities based on audience engagement patterns and trends surfaced by your content data.



Ensure your organisation has the complete data picture

Cognitives integrates with your existing analytics tracking to ensure seamless data flow between sites, blogs, campaigns and content. Get the full data picture for your organisation by measuring content engagement in relation to your entire marketing funnel.

Connect your content marketing analytics to your CRM and marketing automation stack to calculate ROI across your content campaigns.


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